Gourd Painting Magic 
from Sammie Crawford, the Fairy Gourdmother®

The Fairy Gourdmother encourages you to enjoy a well-rounded life; paint gourds! The designs on this web site will draw you into her enchanted world where gourd cats, gingerbread houses and carousels glow in the soft light from gourd lamps. Your paintbrush is the only key you need, and your guidebook is available on this web site.

Use Sammie's patterns and clear instructions, and have fun every step of the way. You will find that each gourd is unique, and brings out your own creative talents. Leave the flat world behind; 3-D is much more fun.

Welcome to the online home of 
The Fairy Gourdmother®
Here you will find creative painting patterns and books for gourds, which can also be adapted to many other surfaces.

  Your imagination is the only limit!

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